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And this is what ten years gets her

In my last post I showed what my dear wife got for our tenth anniversary.  Well, I think she made out pretty well herself.  See why, below the fold:


Her name is Savannah, and she’s now about 17 weeks old.  She’s a Husky-something mix, which explains both the color pattern and the color of brown instead of gray you’d expect with a husky.  We’d tried to adopt a St. Bernard puppy from a rescue but before we could get through everything she came down with pneumonia and passed away.  Aside from the usual house training issues she’s been just about everything we could hope for, including a playmate for our Lab-Boxer mix who’s now closing in on two years old.  (Oh, and if you’re wondering, she voluntarily spends a good majority of her time in the crate – if we can’t find her, chances are that’s where she is.  Dunno why, but this is a dog we’re talking about – she’s not supposed to make sense.)

So the question is, which of us made out better?

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  • keith April 28, 2009, 7:35 am

    Peter, You’re thinking as man thinks, not as Dog thinks.

    When properly trained, dogs will view their crates, not as prisons, but as homes. She no doubt sees the crate as her “personal space” and recognizes that the alpha and beta don’t go in there.

    It’s a refuge for her, that’s why she goes there.

  • frival April 28, 2009, 10:38 am

    Oh she absolutely does – that’s what I was fumbling about trying to say. She actually gets impatient if she can’t get in her crate. She even uses it as a storage place for her toys – bones, chew toys, shoes, socks … 🙂

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