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Five questions from my morning Rosary

I’ll admit it right up front – I’m not the best when it comes to praying the Rosary.  Try, try, try as I might, many days I find myself at the fifth, sixth, eighth Hail Mary and realizing I haven’t contemplated the current Mystery at all.  (If you can see me typing with my head hung a bit in shame, that’d be pretty accurate.)   Sometimes I’ll really get right in that prayer groove – you know the one, where everything else melts away and the object of your contemplation is the only thing in your mind and it becomes so real you can almost touch it.  Then…


Go ahead.  Tell me that’s never happened to you.

Anyway, this morning I could tell it was going to be one of those days.  Even as I could feel the first Mystery fading out of my mind I heard, “Fiat.  Do you trust Me that much?”  Yeah, um, that one kinda hurt.  God has good aim like that.  Every subsequent Mystery was like that as well.

Do you love enough to put everything aside to help another?

Do you offer Me your best, as the wise men did after My birth?

Will you stay with me through the glory and the cross?

Do you know where I am always, or do you look for Me in all the wrong places?

I’m sure many theologians and saints over the centuries have had far deeper experiences in the Rosary, but that was mine.  Even in the midst of my distractions God was able to break through and whisper questions that, to be honest, still haunt my thoughts.  I hope and pray that over time my answers to each of those questions improves.  Has God ever whispered in the ear of your heart?  What did He say?

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