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Now this is how you do evangelization

I know I’m a little behind the times on this, but hey life gets busy for everyone sometimes.   A little over a week ago the Los Angeles Religious Education Conference (yes, that one) Fr. Robert Barron gave the keynote address and let me tell you I can almost guarantee that this was not the kind of keynote this conference usually gets.  Standing right in front of a crowd who will hear near pagan talks and the worst of nouvelle theologie he talks about such things as “Lead with Beauty” and “Don’t Dumb Down The Message”.  You could almost hear John Paul II’s continual admonition to “be not afraid” ringing in his mind as he works his way through this address.  And, lo and behold, he gets more than just limp-wristed platitudinous reaction but in fact very strong applause even at the points that are most antithetical to what most people think of about the LA REC.  I think he just proved that the Holy Spirit does still empower us to step into less-than-comfortable situations and speak God’s word with power.  And with results as well.

I know the address is rather long at just under an hour, but believe me you will find it utterly worth your time.  It might just put a dent in your “bunker down and wait until it’s all over” plans.

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