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In an effort to kickstart this thing again I’m going to try some lower-minimum-effort blogging.  Writing long posts that wrap around multiple sides of a topic is fun, but let’s face it – doing so requires quite a bit of time all at once that is incredibly hard for me to come by these days.  In that effort, I’m going to try to include smaller posts as I come across things that seem of interest, rather than waiting for that one big huge oh my goodness I’ve gotta blog this thing to come by.  So, with that…

The Family is the Key to the Future of Faith
The demise of the practice of faith is a foregone conclusion.  As people become more prosperous they necessarily become more secular.  Religion only appeals too the less-educated and less-well-to-do in society.  This article addresses all these propositions that modern society considers self-evident and shows how they are anything but.  If you want to feel better about the chances for a resurgence of faith in this country this would be a good place to start.  It’s amazing how frequently the facts don’t actually support the narrative we’re supposed to believe.

The Infertility Objection to Traditional Marriage
This article echoes, albeit far more eloquently, a discussion I recently had with our parish RCIA folks.  While I’m sure the exact terminology used here would cause entirely too many peoples’ eyes to glaze over it’s a wonderful overview of the reality of an argument used frequently to justify same-sex marriage: the capacity to have children cannot be considered part of marriage because infertile couples are already allowed to marry.  If, as is posited in the post linked above, the health of the family is crucial to the health of the church it is imperative that those who love the church and love the family are able to defend both in truth.

Well whaddaya know, this took less time than those big long posts.  Who’da thunk?

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