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Setting strong foundations for Catholic healthcare

NCRegister has an article up about a recent conference hosted by the Catholic Medical Association where several prominent speakers came to talk about the history of the current cultural battle and offer advice and support for maintaining their faith and protecting their consciences in this dangerous time.  This kind of conference is going to be critical for our Catholic healthcare workers to understand their options, what can and can’t be demanded of them, and how to keep their faith in a time when so many directions are trying to force them to abandon it at the door.

To that end, CMA has also created what they are calling Boot Camps which are being offered in partnership with St. Charles Borromeo Seminary.  Given the battleground healthcare is shaping up to become in the near and even not-so-near future this kind of help is going to be desperately needed.  Hopefully this serves as an example to other industries where the culture and the government are trying to declare when and how our faith can be applied.  This is also a great example of exactly the kind of work the laity need to be getting involved in – helping others to live a faith-filled life in between Sundays.

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