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A new project

Several years ago a group of people led by the incomparable Owen Swain set out to read the Catechism in one year, providing their reflections along the way.  Unfortunately due to time and circumstances the site that hosted that work is no longer available but it set in my heart a desire to do the same thing some day.  After all this time and much thought and prayer, combined with the start of this new Liturgical year I have decided to finally move forward with that inclination using the same guideline as that project had so many years ago.

Why the Catechism and why now?  Because, in part the Pope has undertaken significant effort to impart greater energy to a New Evangelization, and as Pope John Paul II wrote,  “an extraordinary commitment to evangelization is urgently needed so that everyone can know and receive the Gospel message and thus grow ‘to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ'”.  As it is “a sure norm for teaching the faith” (Fidei Depositum), rich in the Bible and the Church Fathers, there is perhaps no greater place to start.

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