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A reminder for all priests

In Fr. Z’s post regarding the decision of Bishop Morlino’s letter to his priests regarding his decision to return the practice of offering Communion under both species to that which is envisioned in the books he quotes the letter at some length, including one paragraph that I really think stands out entirely on its own:

That’s specifically what I’ve asked you to do.  Please help your people to know and understand the beautiful gift we have in the Eucharist, to know our obligations of preparing for reception of the Sacrament, both in terms of our preparation through the Sacrament of Confession, our observance of the pre-communion fast, our attending to our attire as best we can, and the like. Please help them to know of Christ’s presence, fully and entirely in the Sacred Host.  Our people know well, the aspect of the Mass which is the Sacred banquet, but help them to know the Eucharist at the Memorial of Christ’s loving Sacrifice for them.  Help them to understand your role in laying down your own life as the minister of Christ’s Body and Blood, present in the Host.

Priests, be who you are.  Allow the truth of the Sacrament to shine forth.  Commend to the people the teachings and practices of the Church to which they belong.  In short, live in the truth, proclaim the truth, offer only the truth.

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