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A plug

I don’t normally plug products (well, I do book reviews, but that’s different) but I have to say I’ve come to love the Logos Bible software.  Better than just a Bible search and cross-reference tool it allows you to access any of your (virtual) library from the same interface, with powerful search capabilities and the ability to tie multiple resources together to suit your particular preferences.  When I first started using Logos their available books were decidedly skewed towards the Protestant churches, but over the past year or so they have been aggressively adding Catholic titles to their catalog, to the point now where I have to seriously question whether to buy a physical book that I can’t index and search when doing my studies.

Logos isn’t cheap by any stretch, but it certainly is powerful and they back their product up with excellent service – the few times I’ve contacted them with questions I’ve had a response waiting for me within a few hours.  Just in case you’re in the market for a Bible software package and maybe want to drop some not-so-subtle hints about Christmas gifts, this might be something worth investigating.  * Just to be clear, I get zippity-doo-dah for saying this, I just happen to love the package.  And so does Stephen Ray.

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