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A gift for Hagerstown

The Extraordinary Form Mass has returned to Hagerstown, MD:

A 13-year-old girl with pink hair, black fingernails, a shiny silver belt and a hip-hop cap sat two pews in front of an elderly woman with a black veil over her head during a special Tridentine Mass celebrated Sept. 11 at St. Mary in Hagerstown.

Both knelt reverently as they watched Father Marc Lanoue – his back to them – celebrate the solemn liturgy in Latin. An altar server meticulously rang bells during the consecration and worshipers quietly approached the altar rail to kneel and receive holy Communion on the tongue.

We’ll ignore the “his back to them” comment as yet another example of someone who doesn’t quite comprehend the theology of worship ad orientem.  Congratulations to Hagerstown, and may this be both the first of many to open their doors to the Extraordinary Form another step in the Reform of the Reform.  Summorum Pontificum continues to bless the Church even after all this time.

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