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A new Doctor in the house

Happy news comes in many forms; this one a few days ago when the Pope informed a large gathering of men preparing to become priests he plans to soon declare St. John of Avila a Doctor of the Church.  I confess I have not had time as yet to study his writings but I was greatly pleased to be pointed to a cache of them available on archive.org by Fr. Cory Sticha.  I have to think it not a coincidence this soon-to-be Doctor is remembered as a reformer of clerical life, this at a time when attacks on the clergy are rampant in the world at large and unfortunately not always without cause.

I pray this new attention to St. John of Avila will spur many to an increased devotion to Christ and His Church and a renewed determination to live their varied vocations to the fullest.  Pray for us all, St. John of Avila.

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