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True self-surrender

Just today my wife and I were discussing people who get married just so they can be “not alone” and how, in the end, those marriages never worked.  It was, surely, no coincidence that just earlier in the day I had read this from Dietrich von Hildebrand’s Transformation in Christ (and yes, I’m finally only a few pages from finishing it):

True self-surrender … implies that we are entirely centered upon the object in which we lose ourselves.  The value of that which holds us, and by no means the pleasure of being held, dominates our consciousness.  One who seeks that pleasure for its own sake errs just as they do who yearn for the thrill of love rather than thinking of the beloved person, and hence never attain real love at all.

There is no point in our longing to lose ourselves in general.  What we should long for is exclusively to lose ourselves in Christ.  Let us never forget that, though an intense love or enthusiasm as such is undoubtedly a great experience and a fine sight, its value essentially depends on whom or what we love; on the person or thing that evokes our enthusiasm.

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