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Hope for the future

Last evening I had the opportunity to attend a concert put on by the Chroale and Schola Cantorum from Holy Family Academy here in town.  The concert was held, as so many wonderful things in this city, at Ste. Marie’s church, which provided magnificent acoustics, even for those young men and women who were a little nervous in front of the good-sized crowd that had assembled.  Seeing them give glory to God in their singing, and particularly so in the many pieces of sacred music, was a truly powerful experience of hope.  When they intoned the Kyrie to start the concert I quite literally felt a chill run down my spine.

This is the future of the Church – this new generation of children and young adults growing up receiving a more full education both in the world and in the Faith than has been seen in decades, and growing up in love with Christ and His Church.  As much damage has been done in the past decades by terrible-to-nonexistent catechesis, the future looks even more bright.  Deo gratias!

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