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Ways of speaking

At tonight’s RCIA class one of the sponsors spoke up more fully than he has before.  As he spoke strongly and softly about the Scriptures the thought crossed my mind, “he doesn’t sound like a Catholic”.  Then a further thought came, “and how sad a statement is that?”  The Bible is, as a friend loves to say, a Catholic book yet we have ceded controlling interest to our Protestant brethren – to the point even where if someone makes a concerted Scriptural defense of a matter of Catholic doctrine one wonders if he wasn’t Protestant at some point in his life.  That, simply, will not do.

The Scriptures are a gift given by God to the Church and through the Church to the world – let us again look upon the Word in all its glory.  Let us read, rejoice and be filled.  Let the eyes of your soul feast upon the Word, just as the body consumes the Eucharist and the soul is strengthened.  Even as we labor to recover our liturgical heritage, let us at the same time reclaim our literary heritage – that heritage given by God for the salvation of souls.

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