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Modernism and Religious Life, they don’t mix

I am frequently amazed when people are able to put into succinct form what would take me pages of rambling to even begin to approach saying.  Fr. Powell, OP really gives a great explanation of why modernism is so poisonous to religious life and in turn why its spread has done such great damage to that life in the current day and age.  In just a few short paragraphs he condenses much of his background and, if I might wax without a shred of humility, shows just how dangerous a well-formed Dominican can be to heresy.  Normally I hate quoting the summary statement, but in this case he’s done such an excellent job of segmenting the issue that it’s all I can do:

What we must do at every level is re-establish the notion that intellect, will, reason, emotion, etc. are all divine gifts oriented toward our divinization though Christ.  Nothing can stand above faith as the source and summit of our life in Christ, but every gift we have received as well-loved creatures can stand along side faith in order to clarify, enlighten, and distinguish.

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