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The Triduum

The Triduum is upon us, having started yesterday with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper.  Walk into a church now and you will find it starkly empty – a reminder that the life of a church comes through the Lord in the Eucharist and not through anything we can do.  Today we will venerate the Cross upon which our Savior hung, winning us our Salvation.  Finally, tomorrow the Easter fire will pierce the darkness, the Paschal Candle will be held aloft and Deacons and Priests throughout the world will proclaim “Christ our Light!”.  We will welcome new members into the Church and there will be, should God so will it, goosebumps all around.

I wanted to point you to some far greater posts on the Triduum from the Dominican Friars at Godzdogz.  You can find their post on Maundy Thursday here, and their post on Good Friday here.  They are, in the good Dominican tradition, excellent reflections.  Should they publish a reflection on the Easter Vigil, which I’m quite sure they will, I shall try to be sure to link to that one as well.

May your Triduum be blessed and draw you ever deeper into the mystery of God and His love for us!

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