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I’m a curmudgeon – tell me something I don’t know

I know.  I’m a cranky old slug of a person who doesn’t like to see anyone have fun.  What else is new?  Now that we’ve cleared that up, I just wanted to point to a post by Fr. V at Adam’s Ale which describes in a far more civil manner than I’d be capable of (remember, I’m a curmudgeon) why you don’t find me clapping for the choir at the end of Mass.  Aside from the actions of Christ which are the center and summit of the Mass, Fr. outlines the whole host of people who help make Mass happen behind the scenes.  If they’re not getting applauded, neither should anyone else.

If I might be so bold – if you find someone did something unusually well at Mass, take the time after Mass to tell them so after Mass is over, privately.  That will mean far more to them than a smattering of culturally-induced applause.  And it may just be the personal touch that makes a huge difference in someone’s life.

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  • keith March 14, 2009, 5:31 pm

    A few weeks back, for the Communion meditation, I sang Panis Angelicus with the organist accompanying me. When Mass ended, Father thanked us (which I found embarrassing to begin with), then the people applauded. I was appalled.

    • frival March 16, 2009, 10:47 am

      I think sometimes people forget where we are and why we’re there and Who we are standing before.

      Of course, if I was the one doing the singing rather than thanking me he’d have had to apologize to the parishioners for inflicting such pain on them. 😉

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