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And the hits just keep on comin’

Satan must be working overtime to keep up with all the idiocy flying around the world of late.  Now this:

President Obama on Monday signed an order to lift restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, a move he said rejects the “false choice” between science and morality.

False choice indeed.  The only thing false about it is his, and his supporters’, understanding of just how morality and science intersect.  The unprovoked killing of an innocent human being can never be moral, no matter the putative goods that may come of it.  Let us not forget here and now that not a single cure has been discovered using embryonic stem cells despite years of work and that several of those treatments that made it to the human testing phase have resulted in catastrophic failures (read: metastasizing tumors which kill the patients).

One of the first rules of morality is that you may never do evil that good may come of it.  Since I believe that Godwin’s Law has long since outlived its usefulness and is now nothing but a dull hammer used to quiet objections whenever modern insanity too closely resembles former, I’ll just say it right now.  This is work Josef Mengele would have gleefully approved of.  Yes, that name that faintly rings a bell – the “Angel of Death”, the man who performed medical experiments on living people for the purposes of furthering scientific understanding and, in theory, perhaps developing cures for some down the road.  But the most insidious commonality is he did this work because he could.

Who today would not be horrified to find out the treatment they had just undergone was founded on the research performed by Mengele?  Would not your life be filled with horror at the thought you had somehow benefited from the terrible deaths of so many at the hands of a man who did this without concern and without remorse, who had been able to tear the person from the body on which he was operating?

Science tells us these embryos are human beings; faith tells us they have immortal souls.  Common sense tells us they are people.  We, as American taxpayers, are now paying for the new Auschwitz, but the people whose murders are paid for by our tax dollars will never even be able to be stamped on their forearms.  This research won’t even give them that dignity.  Now, Mr. President, where is the false choice again?

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