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A little maintenance, step 1

This blog has been in need of some maintenance for some time now and I’ve just managed to wrangle my way through step one.  Since moving to my own self-hosted WordPress blog I’ve had the dubious honor of also having to manage all the plugins that go with using WP.  One of these provides the social networking buttons you see at the bottom of each post – the Sociable plugin.  The only issue with Sociable is that it doesn’t include PickAFig by default, and PickAFig just recently underwent some changes so it’s only recently that I’ve had the time and inclination to fix up the interaction of the two.

To make a long story short, if you’re wanting to use the latest Sociable plugin and would like to be able to have it include PickAFig but haven’t gone through the work of figuring it out yet, here’s the short instructions:

Step 1:  Upload this image to your blog’s wp-content/plugins/sociable/images directory

Step 2:  Edit the Sociable plugin file (under Plugins->Editor, then click on Sociable) and add the following code anywhere you like (in my case it fit alphabetically after NuJIJ and before Ping.fm:

        'PickAFig' => Array(
                'favicon' => 'pickafig.png',
                'url'=> 'http://pickafig.com/submit.php?url=PERMALINK',

Step 3:  Save the changes.  You can now select PickAFig as one of the social bookmarking sites and it will even have the proper icon.  Geeks like me get excited by the tiniest little things.

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