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Michael Dubruiel, RIP

The news is rocketing around St. Blog’s – one of our own has gone on to his eternal reward. Michael Dubruiel, author, editor, Director of the Office of the New Evangelization and Stewardship in the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama, father and husband of Amy Wellborn, collapsed in the gym yesterday (Feb. 3) and passed away despite all efforts to save his life. As with so many great writers, I never met him but I feel like I knew him in some way. A little story might help.

Last year I was looking for some books for our RCIA participants to supplement the materials we had given them. I landed on Michael’s Pocket Guide to the Mass and then I thought I could get really interesting and see if Michael could sign them.  After zipping a few emails back and forth a package showed up in my mailbox.  Not only had he sent the four copies of the book I was looking for, he sent four copies of his Pocket Guide to Confession as well – and I hadn’t even been able to pay him for them yet!  Each book was not only signed but also had a personalized note for each of our candidates and catechumen.  When I requested to be able to pay him for the books he demurred and said he was happy only to know that they were being put to good use which, I can tell you, they were.  Within a short time I could see they had fingerprints and nerded corners from heavy use.  I hope, if you understand my meaning, they are in even worse shape now than they were then.

Looking over Michael’s blog I noticed this story sitting just at the bottom – do yourself a favor and read it, but I’ll snip just a little from it to give you a taste:

Father Solanus once said, “Life here in the exile seems so short and uncertain, that it seems like it ought to have another name.” The older I get, the comparison that our earthly pilgrimage is likened to an “exile” makes more sense to me.

New Year’s is a time of making resolutions. I pray that God may bless each of you with the insight into the mission that He has for you and for me. May we all like Father Solanus Casey bring joy into the lives of those we touch.I wish you a Happy and Blessed New Year!

And no, that’s not a tear in my eye – I just have allergies.  Honest.

As Amy says, if you want to know what to do:  “Buy them, read them, and give them away to others. Spread the Word. That is what he was all about.”

Requiescat in pace, Michael.

(Note:  I’ve used the links from Michael’s web site which include his Amazon tag, so anything you buy through those links will direct a portion to his account, not mine.  It’s the very, very least I could do.)

Update: Danielle Bean of Faith & Family fame has set up a donation button here that will go to Amy and her children.  Please, if you can, be generous.

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