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De patientia

I just wanted to highlight a post from Fr. Zehnle at Servant and Steward.  He has already lived a most … interesting life, one that would break many a soul, but here he writes something that is, I think, of benefit to all of us.  He naturally writes it from the perspective of an ordained priest, but the lesson holds for everyone.  Instead of getting in his way, I ask you to read the whole post.

I must offer this to the Lord as my own sacrifice that my descendants, the spiritual children the Lord entrusts to me, might have a long life with the Lord forever. If I unite the sufferings of my life to those of Christ, the will of the Lord will be accomplished through me. If I do not unite my sufferings with his, I may hinder his will. Indeed, if a priest is to be an alter Christus, another Christ, his life must resemble that of Christ who suffered for us.

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