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An interview with a nun

Our Diocesan magazine, Parable, has a good interview with one of the nuns in the local contemplative Order, the Sister Adorers of the Precious Blood in Manchester.  Sister Christine Marie Maier entered the Cloister in 1988 and became their Vocations Director in 2008.  In this interview she discusses her early life, her path towards the Cloister and aspects of the life she loves.  I can only hope this article is read by young children (and not-so-young children) far and wide.  The world needs contemplative nuns.

Sister Christine Marie speaks with awe of the special vocation she and her community enjoy. “Contemplative prayer is mysterious; it is the highest form of prayer. This type of prayer comes through God, and you can only make yourself available to it.” Though the vocation comes as a gift, she says, the person must respond in very concrete ways. “When we make our vows, we vow to really focus on our relationship with Jesus Christ. We seek to imitate Christ, to imitate the Blessed Mother. Everything we do in our life, we do with an intention that it is going to make us a better and more complete people, because Christ Himself did everything well.

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