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You have your marching orders

Now, soldiers of the Church Militant, it’s time to get on it.  Rosaries for Life is proposing a monumental effort – 68 million rosaries between today and Inauguration Day.  If you’re one of those Catholics who voted for Obama assuming his social and economic policies would reduce the overall number of abortions, this is your chance to put the full weight of your Catholicism behind it and pray that you were right.  If you voted against Obama because you feared what he promised would result in more abortions and not fewer, now is your chance to pray that you were wrong.  And if you didn’t vote or voted third-party, now is your chance to be involved in something we can all believe in – the power of prayer.

The first initiative of Rosaries for Life is going to be the Inauguration Day Rosary Novena. This Novena is going to last for 72 days – it consists of 4 sets of mysteries 9 times for the intentions, followed by 4 sets of mysteries 9 times in thanksgiving = 72 days of praying 5 decades). The novena will begin on November 10th, the feast of St. Leo the Great (as well as the first day of the USCCB meeting) and end on January 20th, Inauguration Day. If you missed the beginning of the novena, please join us anyway, and pledge either “a partial novena” until January 20th or a full 72-day novena to end sometime after Inauguration Day.

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