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Because murder is not an American value

If you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend you head over to FightFOCA and sign their online petition.  For the unaware, FOCA stands for “Freedom of Choice Act” which promises to override every single legal restriction at any level on abortion.  Our new President has promised Planned Parenthood that he will make it one of the first acts of his administration to sign this act, consigning untold numbers of yet-to-be-born children to violent deaths.

Yes, I said I try to avoid politics on this blog; this transcends mere politics and jets straight to morality and the natural law.  If anyone of any party were to attempt passage of this act they would and should be properly pointed out because, quite simply, lives are at stake.  This must not be allowed to come to pass.  The time is now to act, and act powerfully.  Pray, always, but do not neglect the means God has given us in this country to affect real change.

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