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Coincidence? I think not.

My son has been telling me for several days now that they’re working on a song in Latin in choir practice, but he couldn’t quite remember exactly what it was.  Today I had the chance to pick him up from choir after school and I figured he’d be able to remember the name right after practice.  In his best third-grade I’ve-never-been-trained-in-Latin he tells me it’s Adoramus Te, Christe.  A beautiful, if short, piece and one I’ll be quite glad to hear at Mass this Saturday.  Ecstatic, even.

Then something … unexpected … happened.  Out of my random selection of MP3s I’ve copied to my Sirius Stiletto comes … wait for it … Adoramus Te, Christe from the Catholic Latin Classics CD from Richard Proulx’s Cathedral Singers.  Somehow, I think we have a certain approval of the selection.  Even though there’s no way the childrens’ choir will sound anywhere near as polished as the Cathedral Singers, it will be music to my ears and bliss in my heart.

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