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A non-Papal post

Since it seems almost everyone else in the Catholic blogosphere is posting all the same bits about the Pope and I’m just so otherwise buried in varia this week I wanted to ask a simple question. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across the newsletter the Diocese puts out for all our Deacons (and their wives). In the newsletter there was a question regarding the proper order for praying the Liturgy of the Hours.

Currently in these parts most everyone has learned that for the psalmody the antiphon is read by the leader, then repeated, then the psalm is read, then finally the antiphon is said again. However, the monks at St. Anselm Abbey do not repeat the antiphon after it is initially read (prior to the psalm being read) so there is question of how it should be done when training the next generation of deacons. So if there’s anyone out there that can actually take five minutes from trying to keep up with the deluge of papalblogging, I’d much appreciate the input.

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