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Mike Aquilina’s at it again

Fresh off the blistering success that was the expanded edition of The Fathers of the Church, Mike Aquilina just let slip that there’s a new version of The Mass of the Early Christians about to come out. So new, in fact, it isn’t even on Amazon yet. What’s new? Ask the author:

What’s new in the expanded edition? Lots. The book’s a good deal bigger. There are at least six new chapters — on Clement of Rome, Cornelius, Firmilian, the Anaphora of St. Mark, Eusebius, and the Council of Nicea. I added several more apocryphal texts, and included a discussion of the recently discovered Gospel of Judas. I also added more texts by Cyprian, Origen, Clement of Alexandria, and others. Still other chapters were extensively rewritten based on more recent scholarship.

Yes, that’s grubby-mitt-rubbing you’re seeing over in this direction.

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