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So simple…

I’m currently closely reading the USCCB‘s Catechism for Adults, after the recommendation of Rich Leonardi among others, for possible future use as a resource for our RCIA members. Thus far I have been far more impressed than I expected to be – it is both useful (read: not full of touchy-feely fluff) and authentically Catholic, with an American tilt to it so that it appeals to those of us who truly identify with being Americans. But enough of the review, I came for a quote. From the meditation from Chapter 5:

Why do so many of us tend to brush aside God’s plan for us in our lives? It seems to be because we find it hard to imagine how he can be so loving to us, especially in awkward surroundings. Yet if the divine Word of God could become one of us by taking on our human nature with the cooperation of a young woman in Nazareth, God can surely touch our lives.

Yes, indeed, it does not need to be any less simple than that. Just something for you and me to keep in mind the next time things seem too hard or out of order. Yes, indeed, I could see building a course around this. Gah! The inner reviewer in me strikes again…

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