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Fr. Corapi coming to my Parish

Okay, well, he’s not actually coming in persona but to have anything by him in these liberal wilds of New England is always a pleasant surprise. My parish will be showing his series on the Catechism starting on November 17th. I’m hoping the series will be sufficiently well-attended to attract the idea of trying to bring him here for one of his talks. According to the flyer, the events will be every Tuesday starting the 17th, we will have a Scriptural Rosary at 6:30pm followed by the week’s installment of the series at 7:00pm and then desert and fellowship afterwards. If you’re anywhere near Manchester, NH and are interested email me (frival3 at gmail dot com) and I can give you details since our parish’s website is woefully out-of-date. I’m still trying to figure out who our webmaster is, but that’s a whole different story…

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