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Youth Ministry as service

Amy quotes from Benedict’s Q&A with priests from Albano (translated by the indefatiguable Teresa at the Papa Ratzinger Forum) and then comes up with a real pearl of her own:

I think there is great wisdom here, and it’s something we’ve talked about here often. I think the model of youth ministry which focuses on serving and catering youth is a dead end. The best mode of youth ministry is one that rather challenges youth to serve: simply a variation of and preparation for life as an adult Catholic: discipleship. The Church isn’t here to entertain you – you’re here, a baptized Christian to love Christ and serve others, filled with that love. Would that parishes learn and live by this: emphasize continued spiritual and formation of all parishioners, as well as encourage discipleship – offering opportunities within the parish as well as pointing outward toward the mission territory right outside the door – of all parishioners, old…and young.

I’ve said much the same thing before. Kids, and in particular teens and tweens, are looking not only to be challenged, but to have the opportunity to make a real difference in the world. They may not know it yet and many of them probably wouldn’t admit it if asked at first, but they are simply begging to be called to serve their fellow man.

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