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One down, 35 to go

We had our first RCIA meeting yesterday and I thought it went pretty well. Particularly from the perspective that I managed to keep myself out of trouble (thus the subject of this post) . We had one inquirer show up; two more couldn’t make it due to scheduling issues and another for a reason I don’t clearly recall. That’s smaller than I’m used to from my old parish, but this is also a much smaller parish. The discussion was good and lighthearted which was good considering there was six team members to the one inquirer. No need to scare the poor guy… This coming week should be fun as we start to really get into the meat of the matter, starting with a session on “Sharing our Journey & Prayer”. Orate, fratres!

Incidentally, we’re using the Come and See series from St. Anthony Messenger Press, which is based on their Catholic Update series. If anyone who reads this blog happens to have an experience with either Come and See or Catholic Update, please do let me know what you think. I’ve asked around a bit and gotten back both good and bad reviews. I’m concerned in that some of the articles I’ve read thus far seem to be contrary to Church teaching but perhaps that is viewed as a good teaching tool. For me, however, it will be an exercise in prudence and patience. I’ve been advised to gently correct wherever I feel an article may misstate the issue; I can only hope my gentility is in full force – that Irish temper is a tough thing sometimes.

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