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Didache series on Matthean priority

Spurred to a bit of interest in this issue by a discussion (and also here) over at Open Book, I thought anyone else interested in the issues of Marcan vs. Matthean priority would be interested to see how the Didache series from Midwest Theological Forum handles the question. In the New Testament section from the Introduction to Catholicism book, we find:

According to written testimony from the second century, Matthew was the first to write a version of the Gospel. Eusebius wrote in his history that Matthew wrote the “oracles of the Lord.” Matthew wrote his Gospel in Palestine and addressed it to Jewish people living in Palestine. He is thought to have written the original version in Aramaic, the language of the Jewish people at that time, between A.D. 50 and 69, several years before the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, which occurred in A.D. 70. The version of Matthew’s Gospel that the Church now possesses was written in Greek around A.D. 70, possibly after St. Mark’s Gospel was written.

Interesting how in the last sentence they slide right past the Marcan/Matthean issue and that they also include the recent research which suggests the original language for the New Testament was not necessarily uniformly Greek. And you’ll note that ‘Q’ doesn’t make an appearance anywhere.
Update: Links would have been nice…

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