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Something for the Latin lovers

It’s possible you’ve seen this already, since Fr. Z knew about it already, but following a tip from one of the comments on his blog today I found a nice little resource for those interested in Latin. Basically it’s an online Latin dictionary with the added bonus that you can get the listing from the Lewis & Short Latin Dictionary by just a single click. From my little checking so far it’s pretty snappy and it found the random words I plugged in. This is something people like me who never took the opportunity to learn Latin when we were young really need.

In case you were wondering, I had the choice of French, Spanish and Latin in my high school; given the large Hispanic population in the neighboring town my mother thought it would be good to speak at least a little Spanish in case I ever needed it. I now regret not having another free period to have been able to take Latin as well. How could I ever have guessed as a 13-year-old non-religious person that I’d ever grow up to want to be fluent in Latin for the love of God and His Church? Mysterious are the ways…

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