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Leadership in our times

Okay, like him or hate him, Bill O’Reilly has an excellent analysis of what leaders need to do in the current times. I know there are some who will turn away in disgust at the mere mention of his name, but this time you should just check it out. Over at his The O’Reilly Factor section of the Fox News site he has observations on leadership. A couple of selected quotes should whet the appetite.

Not only do our elected officials have to make policy, they now have to clearly explain it themselves. And they must do it over and over and over, because we’re a distracted bunch.


Long gone are the days when FDR could reach most of the nation on the radio with his fireside chats. Gone are the days when Cronkite or Huntley and Brinkley could nightly define the world for the American public.

I would suggest this advice extends beyond just our elected officials to others, such as our Church leadership. Being given a bully pulpit, be it by popular election or reception of the miter, means one needs to use that bully pulpit for the betterment of those served. One indeed wonders what Bishop Fulton J. Sheen would do in this connected world.

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