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Great Catechism resource

I recently discovered, and I can’t remember quite how, the Catholic Catechism Dialog Blog (CCDB for short) which is the home of an effort to read through the Catechism over the course of a year. Since they started at Easter and I just got started going through, needless to say I haven’t had a chance to review all the content but from my reading so far it appears top notch. I’m working myself into their format, since I’ve needed a tool (okay, more like a cattle prod) to help me read the Catechism for a while now.

The catechism is truly God’s timely gift to the whole Church and to every Christian at the approach of the new millenium. Indeed, I pray that the Church in the United States will recognize in the ctechism an authoritative guide to sound and vibrant preaching, an invaluable resource for parish adult formation programs, a basic text for the upper grade of Catholic high schools, colleges and universities. The catechism presents in a clear and complete way the riches of the Church’s sacramental doctrine based on its genuine sources: Sacred Scripture and tradition as witnessed to by the fathers, doctors, and saints, and by the constant teaching of the magisterium. — (Pope John Paul II, Ad Limina Address to Bishops for Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee, June 5, 1993)

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