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Time to pick up your pen…

…or start typing your letter, depending on your persuasion. I’m told some people do still hand-write letters. According to this story over at Fox News, Amnesty International has raised the ire of several groups over a proposal to make it the organization’s policy that abortion is a fundamental human right. While the currently debated proposal apparently limits the terms to cases of rape and life-threatening pregnancy complications, anyone who has thought for even a minute on this topic realizes that is the top of a very steep, very slippery slope. I infer from the story they are also considering declaring access to artificial contraception to be a fundamental human right as well. One wonders if our dear Pope Paul VI had any idea how prophetic his words in Humanae Vitae would prove to be.

So, regardless your position on Amnesty International, now is the time to convince them that abortion is not a fundamental human right. Now, while the question is still on the table, rather than fighting that Sisyphian rock up the mountain of presumption. Remember, you don’t have to support Amnesty International (and there are offered many valid reasons not to) to support their doing the right thing. Find your local chapter, coordinate with your local Pro-Life organization, and convince them that murder is never a fundamental human right. And while you’re at it, pray for those who would force the situation to be otherwise. Orate, fratres!

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