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On priestesses

Over at Pontifications, there is a wonderful post that begins with the Church of England’s decisions to allow both female and gay priests and bishops and works quickly into a long reading from C.S. Lewis on the subject of priestesses. As per usual, it’s a good read and the commentary is spot-on. As an aside, I was reminded of the comment by Fr. Richard John Neuhaus in the February 2006 edition of FIRST THINGS wherein he called for more “manly” men in the priesthood by the following from C.S. Lewis:

Only one wearing the masculine uniform can (provisionally, and till the Parousia) represent the Lord to the Church: for we are all, corporately and individually, feminine to Him. We men may often make very bad priests. That is because we are insufficiently masculine. It is no cure to call in those who are not masculine at all. A given man may make a very bad husband; you cannot mend matters by trying to reverse the roles. He may make a bad male partner in a dance. The cure for that is that men should more diligently attend dancing classes; not that the ballroom should henceforward ignore distinctions of sex and treat all dancers as neuter.

Apparently Fr. Neuhaus is in better company than his detractors would have one believe. But then, that is usually the case.

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