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On Authority and Doctrine

Over at Pontifications, they’ve made a phenomenal collection of posts by Michael Liccione on Authority and Doctrine here. If you haven’t taken the time – and it will take some as it’s a rather long posting – to read this you really should. If you’ve taken to allowing yourself to vacillate on issues because you think the Church position will really come around to yours, you need to read this series to better understand the language the Church uses to make Her statements so that you may properly understand just their intended permanancy. Even if you think you know it all already, it’s a great refresher for the mind.

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  • Ron August 3, 2006, 3:43 pm

    nice piece. to me, authority is the hardest concept to grasp as an American 21st century male. We don’t bow to kings and yet our savior is THE KING OF KINGS.

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