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Did the UN grab a backbone for a second?

From this AP story, we find the following nugget:

But a day after criticizing Israel for “disproportionate” strikes against civilians, U.N. humanitarian chief Jan Egeland accused Hezbollah of “cowardly blending” among Lebanese civilians.

“Consistently, from the Hezbollah heartland, my message was that Hezbollah must stop this cowardly blending … among women and children,” Egeland said. “I heard they were proud because they lost very few fighters and that it was the civilians bearing the brunt of this. I don’t think anyone should be proud of having many more children and women dead than armed men.”

Maybe it’s just me being hopeful, but is it possible the UN got a backbone for even a split second here? I know their track record of being even-handed in this situation is less than perfect, but maybe the fact most of the Arab states have backed away from Hezbollah is allowing a little sanity to set in. Unfortunately, I’m not sure it’s possible for even pressure from the UN itself to dissuade Hezbollah from its intended path at this point in history. Tomorrow is, indeed, another day.

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  • Ron August 3, 2006, 3:46 pm

    Pat Buchanan had the right idea when he proposed kicking the UN out of our nation and banishing it to Europe. Backbone is directly proportional to the amount of money any given nation/body of nations can extract for itself. What a sham the UN is.

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