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A thought from today’s readings

I apologize that it’s so late on this Sunday for this reflection, but I blame it all on the Red Sox / White Sox game going 19 innings. At least it was a good game…If only the Red Sox had won…

Our deacon today had a rather profound take on the Gospel reading from this 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time. In it we find the line:

So he was not able to perform any mighty deed there, 5 apart from curing a few sick people by laying his hands on them. (Mk 6:5)

It is, as he suggested, a rather disturbing line – where else do we hear that Jesus was (vis-a-vis un-willing) to perform any mighty deed in his native place, due to their lack of faith. In essence, and I’m being overly-brief, it suggests that God has placed a constraint on Himself in our gift of free will. To coin a phrase, no one becomes a saint without his consent. (Of course the contra-point that no one becomes a saint without His consent is also true, albeit beside the point.) So, the question posed to us, and that I now pose to you, are you letting God perform His great works in your life? Check the corners of your spiritual house – they may lead to doorways to vast rooms you didn’t know existed.

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