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"A New Springtime", part 3

Since I’m getting such a rousing response, I’ll keep this going. At least no one can accuse me of giving up too easily. This time it’s a short one, and simple at that. All you lay people out there, and even you religious and heck, maybe even the ordained – have you thanked your priest or bishop today?

Short of the ancient heresies this time may well prove to be one of the most difficult for those in the “long black line”, with the radical dissent, overwhelming culture of death and the rampant tribulations wrought by the priest sexual abuse scandal. Since, as Saint Francis once said, “these are the hands that bring me Christ” they are an inextricable link between our every day lives and the innumerable salvific graces poured out on us. We must pray for them for certain but an active, even if anonymous, thanks can go a long way to raising their spirits.

If you just can’t bring yourself to write a personal thank you to your priest for some reason, or even an anonymous one, write to another priest. Then pray for your priest, and for the ability to see past whatever it is that separates you from kinship with your priest. A novel idea could be to write anonymously to several priests – they need not know you personally for the thanks to have its intended effect. For those of us in New Hampshire, you can find the contact information for your or any diocesan priest here. Don’t wait – all it costs is, um, how much is a stamp now? Never mind. Go. Write. Mail. You just might make someone’s week.

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