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Ut Unum Sint?

Unfortunately for our late pontiff andindeed as well our current pope, it appears the long-desired episcopal reconciliation with the Anglican Church is pushing further and further away. As Fr. Richard Neuhaus rather pointedly blogged, “As of this week’s General Convention, however, one thing seems certain beyond doubt: The Episcopal Church in the U.S. has declared itself to be just another liberal Protestant denomination, in deliberate defiance of the Anglican Communion and in scornful indifference to a long history of hope for reconciliation with Catholicism.”

I have no intention of posting anything (now, anyway) on the merits of ordaining gays and lesbians to the priesthood, or the merits of women in the episcopacy. It is sufficient at this time to remember, “Roma locuta est, causa fini est” and thus the sad fact that the Episcopal Church has decided having women in the episcopacy is more important than acloser communion with their Catholic bretheren. I count this among the sad days.

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