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Sex as a sport

Over at his blog, Father Jonathan has made some poignant points about the rank hypocrisy of the German government. To suggest there is such a thing as “safe” prostitution is to suggest that it is safe to troll through, say, inner-city Los Angeles screaming racial epithets. Sure, you may not get harmed. This time. But do it five or ten times a day and you’re likely to come across someone who may just not quite be interested in entertaining you at this time.

The fact that the move to make prostitution legal was considered by feminists to be a liberating move shows sadly now far the feminist movement has fallen these days. When a woman is only considered to be free and “liberated” when she can say, make or do anything a man can do, and is defined only by how much of the “traditional” male role she takes on something great is lost. Women have some of the greatest gifts in the world sheerly by virtue of being women; to suggest they need to become more like men to become “equal” is to show an utter disregard for the wonder and beauty that is the woman created by God. One can only hope the enlightened leadership of Germany is listening to the concerns of most of the world on this matter. I fear they may, however, play to their new sport which is to only listen to those with whom they already agree.

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