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No, not the company. Veritas, as in Pilate’s question to Jesus: “Quid est Veritas?” It is a markedly stark example of asking a question with the answer staring you in the face; to ask Truth itself “what is truth?” But yet today truth, let alone Truth, is something that has become so difficult to understand that discussion of truth is quickly quieted or even reduced to scorn. Father Jonathan over at FoxNews has a phenomenal post today, including this:

In 2006 we have all but turned off our minds. When the crux of the argument is personal opinion and it all depends, public debate sounds unimportant, because it is.

Six years into the new millennium we don’t ask questions. Lunch rooms are for eating. If you have to talk, tell me about the weather, the Yankees, or my pretty blouse.

We only know one thing for sure: “Truth” is a code word for intolerance, dogma, and always ends in Inquisition. We don’t want to go there.

Friends, I, with you, wish things were so simple. If nothing mattered, we could say truth is for the birds and go our merry way. But two big towers came toppling down, Africa is dying and Europe is confused. Our borders are not safe, and inside them, people are abused. Abortion makes babies die and mothers cry. Iraq is burning. People kill in the name of God.

Pause for thought, no? And always, always remember: grey is always made up of black and white.

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