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Where has he been?!

So like so many I thought it wouldn’t be hard keeping up with a blog. After all, I’m caught yapping and typing all the time. Heh. Not exactly shall we say. So what has been taking up all my time? Let’s see…

  • Watching the World Baseball Classic – yes, it really did turn out better than I’d expected, even though the U.S. didn’t win. Good baseball is always worth watching, no matter who is playing.
  • Catching up on my back reading (I’m up to January!) of Billiards Digest, Catholic Digest and FIRST THINGS.
  • Trying to figure out how to get my to-be-work system to update its Gentoo installation to work properly with their new modular X configuration. Lesson learned: next time read the whole document instead of skipping ahead. *sigh*
  • Trying to keep up with all my friends over at Catholic-Pages.com. The discussions are generally lively and the people are just plain smart. As much as I thought I knew about the Catholic faith, these people continue to amaze me with what’s still to be learned.
  • And finally I’ve been slowly making my way through Pope Benedict‘s 2005 book, A New Song For The Lord. While it’s not the perfect book, since it’s based on a collection of lectures and interviews, all through the pages I’m finding unique insights and ways of seeing I hadn’t contemplated before.

Since none of that is much of an excuse, I suppose I should at least provide the news local to me. Recently the Diocese of Manchester announced the appointment of a new President and CEO for New Hampshire Catholic Charities. This wouldn’t normally be newsworthy, other than for two facts:

  • This is the first time the Bishop of Manchester has not been the active head of Catholic Charities.
  • The recent, err, issues concerning the lay leaders of some of the Catholic Charities in areas such as Boston and San Francisco.

Do I think this means anything? I don’t know yet. I only hope that our Diocese is blessed with servants more interested in doing the God’s will than their own, and should that fail to happen, that our Diocesean leadership will be sure to keep them in accord with their Catholic charter. The last thing our Catholic Church needs is any more scandals.

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