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On the drool list

So I’m sitting here leafing through this catalog I got in the mail yesterday from Ignatius Press. My first thought was “wow”. Then I suddenly realized I had taken on the persona of my five year-old son with a toy catalog – flipping page to page and starting back at the beginning when I reached the end. I have several problems with this catalogue though. My first problem is I simply can’t decide what I’d like to get first. My second problem is I still haven’t plowed through my already-increasing pile of reading material. And third, I simply don’t have enough money to buy all the books that have really caught my eye.

Aside from the books, they also have several different sections for videos, tapes, and gifts. The “From: me To: me” gift that’s currently at the top of my list is their Pieta sculpture. I’ve always loved the Pieta in its various forms, and to find one that won’t completely break my bank makes me even happier.

Oh, and on a totally different note, it looks like I’ve finally convinced my workstation to work with the new modular X configuration in Gentoo. The last package (OpenOffice 2.0.2) finished building some time today while I was at work. As anyone who has ever built OOo on a Pentium system can tell you, that is a long, arduous process. Time to go play and see what broke. While I hope the answer is “nothing”, I’ve worked around computers long enough to have absolutely no expectation to that end.

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