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What am I doing here?  Trying to discern the will of God.  Where do I find that leading me?  To help those who do not know the Church as I have come to know her, to open their eyes and hearts to the wonderful gifts God has given us.

How did I get here?  That’s a longer story.  To boil it down, for the first 20 years of my life I was a blissfully (or so I thought), well, nothing.  I didn’t believe really in anything with any fervor, and I simply didn’t try to get too deep in any of the faiths I looked at – they were simply intellectual exercises for me.  Through a series of events many years apart I finally came into communion with the Church established by Christ.  Even after that great breakthrough I fell away from active practice of my faith though not belief in her tenets.

One day that all changed.  Pope John Paul II of happy memory took gravely ill and I found myself simultaneously saddened and vigorously charged with a need to take up the role I had laid down.  I could not at that point, nor ever again since, imagine life not totally directed by God and perpetually pulled by love of Him.  But even that was not enough – not only was I pulled beyond my ability to understand, I wanted, no needed to share that with others.

I hope to share that love, and the learning that love has drawn me to, through this website.  I wish to help draw back those who have fallen away, draw up those who have stayed close and even draw nearer those who do not yet know the wonders of the love God has for us.  I’m sure I’ll fall well short of my hopes, and I only hope not to go too far astray, but that will not stop me from trying to do all I can.  There is, simply, nothing else I can do.